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Nietos – a Journey in Lapland



A sky full of blue and green northern lights, a skillful hunter and a swiftly fleeing reindeer. Snow is whirling under the hooves of the running reindeer as the adventure begins.

Based on a folk tale, Nietos is a fable of a boy who will grow up to be the first of the Lappi people.

But who is awaiting the hunter and where? Will he ever return to his home?

Traditional Finnish tale recreated, the book has 54 pages of full colour illustrations, peek features, foil details, paper doll illustrations and five double page spreads.

The book is carefully handcrafted and handstitched.

Illustrator: Veera Komulainen
Writer: Noora Vaarala
Publisher: Komutron Oy
Print house: Gentle Design and Printing co, Taipei, Taiwan

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 25 x 15 x 2 cm